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2015/10/23 Port of Montreal Drayage
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April 2, 2020   The Port of Montreal is staying the course - Update on activities
- Appointment of Oumar Diallo to the Board of Directors

March 27, 2020   Message from our CEO

March 23, 2020   Message to our partners and clients: the Port of Montreal is open

March 18, 2020   Message to our partners and clients regarding COVID-19

March 13, 2020   COVID-19 Update

March 12, 2020  Sylvie Vachon winner of the Grand Bâtisseur award

February 26, 2020  The All aboard! exhibition is open every day during Spring Break

December 6, 2019  Public meeting on the proposed road link in the Viau Terminal sector
- Canada Infrastructure Bank investing $300 million in the Contrecœur terminal project
- New video on the Contrecœur terminal project

Novembre 26, 2019  New video clip : innovation in Montreal's supply chain
- A project to protect Purple Martin colonies

November 12, 2019  A video on collaboration in the logistics industry
- Tree planting: 2019 operational results

October 22, 2019  A series of video clips to highlight the vital role of port operations
- Contrecœur port terminal project attracting international interest
- White Paper on developing Montreal East

October 2, 2019  Port in the city: a new format
- A day to clean up the shoreline in Contrecoeur

September 18, 2019  chainPORT 5th Annual Meeting

August 12, 2019  The Government of Canada contributes to a project promoting fluidity
- Anik Trudel appointed to the Board of Directors of the Montreal Port Authority
- Holland America bringing its 500,000th passenger to Montreal

July 9, 2019  Nautical picnics at the Grand Quay
- A special convoy at the Port of Montreal
- Trade mission to Egypt

May 23, 2019  Cooperation agreement between the MPA and the Port of Antwerp
- Port in the City Day reinvented
- 2019 cruise season off to a great start at the Port of Montreal!​

May 1, 2019  The Grand Quay honoured at Gala Montréal durable
- National wildlife areas on the Boucherville Islands
- Sylvie Vachon's point of view on the future of ports

March 13, 2019  Arrival of COSCO SHIPPING Lines

March 8, 2019  The maritime committee of Quebec’s union of municipalities at the Port of Montreal
The MPA takes part in the Assomption Sud—Longue-Pointe sector’s public hearings

January 2, 2019  The Port of Montreal welcomes the first ocean-going vessel of 2019

December 18, 2018  Innovative Cooperation Agreement between the Montreal and Trois-Rivières port authorities

December 11, 2018  The Port is improving its web-based road transport app
- A new corporate video to check out
- A hundred trees planted along Port of Montreal facilities
- A new record cruise season

November 9, 2018 Sylvie Vachon honoured with a Femmes d’affaires du Québec award

October 30, 2018 The Port of Montreal joins the TradeLens project from Maersk and IBM
- Contrecoeur Terminal under the spotlight
- First chainPORT hackathon

September 10, 2018 NAMEPA recognizes the Port of Montreal for its sustainable development initiatives
- Port in the City Day 2018 a great success!
- The 2018 cruise season is in full swing at the Port of Montreal

September 5, 2018  The first port innovation accelerator in North America
- Heading to another record year in the container sector
- Tony Boemi re-elected President of Cruise the Saint Lawrence (CSL)

July 30, 2018  Ryan Dermody named Vice President, Contrecoeur, by the MPA

July 10, 2018  A newl container shipping line at the Port of Montreal!

June 11, 2018  The Port of Montreal joins Montreal’s Greening Leaders Committee

June 4, 2018  Public opening of the Port of Montreal’s Grand Quay: A big family party made it a grand success!

May 24, 2018  Maersk Line doubles its service between the Port of Montreal and Europe

2018-05-14  The MPA hails the Government of Canada’s investment in the road network adjacent to the Port of Montreal
- Sylvie Vachon speaks to more than 500 business people in Greater Montreal about growth and the future

2018-04-20  Sylvie Vachon wins a Mercure in Les Mercuriades competition

2018-04-17  The MPA honoured to host the christening of the N/C Mia Desgagnés

2018-04013  18.4 M$ from Federal Government to MPA for intermodal network
- Port Logistics: Port of Montreal to participate in first global port hackathon

2018/03/02  Contrecoeur container terminal : federal public hearings
- The Port active at the 2018 Retail Supply Chain Conference

2018/01/19  - Container terminal project at Contrecoeur: The environmental impact study conducted by the MPA is released
- A promising 2018 cruise season

2017/11/28  - Port of montreal tuques for seafarers
- Cruise News: A record year!
- The port supports the social economy

2017/09/21  - The Government of Canada officially heralds the provisional application of the Canada European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Accord (CETA) at the Port of Montreal
- Fire prevention: the Port of Montreal recognized by the Quebec Association of Fire Prevention Technicians
- The Port of Montreal a proud partner of the City of Contrecoeur’s 350th anniversary

2017/09/15  The MPA receives the certification of Women in Governance for its gender-related measures
- Renewal of three collective agreements at the MPA
- The Exhibition "History of ships" has been a success
- Tourisme Montréal summer review: tourism on the rise

2017/08/24 John Parisella appointed to the Board of Directors of the Montreal Port Authority 

                  - Maersk Line strengthens its relationship with the Port of Montreal by adding a new shipping route to the Mediterranean 

                  - A port of Montreal team took part in the Montreal-to-Quebec Paddling Challenge for the benefits of Young Musicians of the World

2017/07/21 History of Ships: The Port of Montreal's first immersive exhibition opens at the new cruise Terminal

                  - Appointment of Ms. Nathalie Pilon to the Board of Directors of the Montreal Port Authority

                  - The Montreal Port Authority welcomes the Government of Canada's Trade and Transportation Corridors Initiative

                  - Réal Couture appointed Chair of the Board of Directors for the Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Montreal (CCEM)

2017/06/22  Appointments of two new directors to the Montreal Port Authority

2017/06/22  The MPA shines in Green Marine's 2016 performance report
                     - A fully digital annual report for the MPA
                     - A public work of art at the new cruise terminal on Alexandra Pier

2017/05/25  $40 million to increase the productivity and competitiveness of the Montreal Port Authority (MPA)

2017/05/17  The Port of Montreal’s history told in moving images
                     - Longshore work at the Port of Montreal skilfully exemplified

2017/05/08  Record cruise season in sight at the Port of Montreal
                     - A fully digital annual report for the MPA
                     - A public work of art at the new cruise terminal on Alexandra Pier

2017/04/03  The Port of Montreal joins a select group of smart ports
                     - Sylvie Vachon, Honorary President of the AQTr 52nd Transportation Convention and Trade Show
                     - The MPA consults stakeholders on the terminal project at Contrecœur

2017/02/24  The MPA welcomes the establishment of the Montreal Industrial Port Zone
                     - The MPA launches an ad campaign that draws on the Port of Montreal’s wealth of history
                     - Two Port of Montreal partners benefit from the support of the Quebec Maritime Strategy

2016/12/22  Innovative ideas for a Port of Montreal project
                     - A successful networking event for CargoM
                     - Warm clothing for Mariners’ House!

2016/11/04  First meeting of the Advisory Council
                     - A very positive 2016 cruise season
                     - A visit to the new cruise terminal worksite

2016/09/15 The Port of Montreal a partner in the Contrecoeur-Varennes
                     industrial port zone
                     - Site of the dfuture Viau terminal progressing well


2016/07/12 Sylvie Vachon with the Premier of Quebec in Germany
                    - The Port supports many summer projects in its community
                     - Tony Boemi reappointed President of Cruise the
                      St. Lawrence Association

2016/05/17 New Portinfo Express
                     - Anik Trudel: new MPA Board Chair
                     - First cruise ship of the 2016 season

2016/04/28 Construction work kick off on Highway 25 corridor

2016/02/16 Speech by Sylvie Vachon at the Canadian Club

2016!01/15 Study to assist the trucking industry

2015/12/16 Tuques for seafarers

2015/10/29 Results of the 2015 cruise season

2015/07/31 Shore power for cruise ship terminal and wintering ships

2015/07/02 Three AAPA Awards in Communications

2015/06/17 Environmental Award and popular visit of the Port of Montreal

2015/04/15 Nomination of Me Eric Simard

2015/04/15 Nomination of Sophie Roux

2015/01/20 Minister Lebel announces investment

2014/12/18 Nomination of Marie-Claude Boisvert

2014/12/15 Highly successful open houses

2014/10/29 The St-Lawrence Award presented to Sylvie Vachon

2014/10/07 Logistec's investments in Contrecoeur

2014/06/27 Two communications awards for the Port of Montreal

2014/06/20 Robert Sauvé President of the Ordre des ingénieurs

2014/06/19 The Port and its partners earn several awards

2014/06/12 Tony Boemi president of ACSL

2014/06/04 10 seasons at Montreal for the Maasdam

2014/04/09 Nomination of Daniel Dagenais to the AQTr

2014/01/20 Nomination of Dagenais and Demers

2013/03/01 Port of Montreal celebrates 175th Gold-Headed-Cane

2014/03/01 Port of Montreal introduces its first mobile application

2013/06/12 Large Aframax tanker calls Port of Montréal

2013/25/11 175th Cane : 1,500 tuques to Mariners' House

2013/21/11 CanEst: new containerization facility

2013/15/11 Hydro-Québec raises power lines

2013/31/10 Experience THE Montréal cruise product

2013/24/10 Canada-European Union free trade

2013/23/10 Nominations at the board

2013/02/10 Arrival of the largest cruise ship ever

2013/27/09 Sylvie Vachon named chair of ACPA

2013/06/06 Three Communications Awards

2013/14/05 Port of Montreal open to post-Panamax ships

2013/10/05 Improved port access

2013/22/04 New tugboat Pierre-Julien

2013/08/03 Cruise Insight Award for Port of Montréal

2013/08/03 Sale of tuques for Mariners' House

2013/01/03 Gold-Headed Cane