Port of Montreal’s Grand Quay: rehabilitation of the cruise terminal and Alexandra Pier

Project overview

The rehabilitation of the former Alexandra Pier meets the operational needs of shipping lines and cruise passengers, offers the public better access to the river and makes it possible to integrate the site into the urban fabric of Old Montreal.

The final concept, designed after open houses and several meetings with key partners from the economic, tourism and political sectors, along with stakeholders committed to Montreal’s harmonious development, was developed by the architectural firm Provencher Roy.

  • Renovation of the cruise terminal
  • Development of Promenade d'Iberville, a large green roof (floral and aromatic plants)
  • Development of the Port Centre
  • Lowering of the pier and development of Commencement Square
  • Installation of shore power
  • Construction of an observation tower

A place to discover

New public spaces on the waterfront, a cruise terminal featuring contemporary architecture and a breathtaking view of the city are some of the Grand Quay’s attractions. 

  • 180 metres of landscaped terrace
  • 24,000 flowering and aromatic plants
  • 130,000 cruise passengers a year

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The Grand Quay of the Port of Montreal, including Promenade d'Iberville and Commencement Square, are open during the remaining timeframe. Project works will not disrupt cruise terminal operations.


Project timeline


Presentation of the project concept to various stakeholders and at public consultations


  • Preparatory rehabilitation work: Despite significant maintenance investments over the past decade, Alexandra Pier’s more than a century old infrastructure showed marked signs of aging and operational obsolescence. This hindered its ability to keep providing the expected services.
  • The extensive pier rehabilitation project was undertaken with Provencher_Roy multidisciplinary firm, NCK, Pageau Morel and NIPpaysage Landscape Architects.
  • The preparatory phase covered geotechnical and seismic studies, then development of a functional and technical program followed by the design phase of the Grand Quay.


  • Demolition of certain hangars
  • Excavation and lowering of the east pier, surface stabilization and landscaping
  • Civil works (water, sewer, electrical and natural gas systems)


  • Interior and exterior layout of the cruise terminal
  • Development of the landing, Promenade d’Iberville and Commencement Square
  • May 2017: Opening of Cruise Terminal 1
  • July 19, 2017: Official opening of the Port Centre


  • January 2018: Gradual opening of the parking lot, with total capacity of 300 spaces
  • June 3, 2018: Public opening of the Grand Quay of the Port of Montreal, with 13,000 people in total inaugurating the Grand Quay’s new public spaces and enjoying the activities

2019 : Start of the observation tower

  • July 15 to November 1: Foundation construction
  • November 1: Start of concreting the structures, scheduled end date June 30, 2020


  • February 1 to August 30: Steel structure assembly
  • March 15: Start of the outer envelope, scheduled end date January 31, 2021 
  • April 1 to July 31: Exterior layout and landscaping
  • April 1: Start of interior finishing, scheduled end date May 1, 2021


Planned opening of the observation tower

Sneak peek on the Grand Quay's tower construction!


Press releases:

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May 5, 2018 — Big family party on June 3 at the Port of Montreal’s Grand Quay, a unique new site for cruise passengers, tourists and all residents of Greater Montreal

June 10, 2017 — The Port of Montreal welcomes the first ship at its new cruise terminal

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