1 - Port in the City as popular as ever

Port in the city

Port in the City Day, which is becoming a tradition, was a great popular success again this year. Neighbours of the Port of Montreal came in droves to board the Cavalier Maxim cruise ship owned by AML, which has been a partner in this event right from the start. No fewer than 2,665 guests of the Port of Montreal made the most of this free invitation to tour Port facilities from the St. Lawrence River. “Port in the City Day expresses the Port of Montreal’s concern to get closer to its community and fulfill its role as a responsible citizen,”said Mélanie Nadeau, the MPA’s Director of Communications. Read the press release

2 – Contrecœur: right on course


The Port of Montreal was farsighted between 1988 and 1990 when it acquired 468 hectares of land in the Contrecoeur region, located on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River 40 km east of Montreal. The site’s geometry as well as the infrastructure in place there, such as Highway 30 and the CN rail track, make it an ideal location for further expansion in the mid-term of the Port’s container handling capacity. In the short-term, this expansion is spearheaded by the new Viau Terminal inaugurated on November 18, which enables the Port to reach a record two million TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units) handled on its Montreal territory.  

Since filing the Project Description for its expansion project at Contrecoeur with the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) in December 2015, the MPA has been busy completing a number of sector studies that will enhance its environmental impact study, expected to be filed with the CEAA in spring 2017. The capacity of the future container terminal at Contrecoeur will be 1.15 million TEUs. Going through with the project depends on certain conditions, particularly the continued economic recovery and growth of the container market.  

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Mariners House


3 – Winter clothing for seafarers

Every year, seafarers from warm countries such as India and the Philippines, unaware of our Quebec winter, arrive at the Port of Montreal aboard merchant ships. They’re dressed just in sandals and thin cotton garments.

Every year, Carolyn Osborne, General Manager of Mariners’ House, makes a vibrant appeal for help and receives warm clothing from big-hearted donors. She gives out this clothing free of charge to seafarers caught by the surprise of winter. Want to be part of her generous supporters?

Call Mariners’ House at 514-849-3234

Mariners’ House welcomes seafarers on their stopovers at the Port of Montreal. It gives them a place where they can rest, take part in recreational activities, communicate with their families, and meet other seafarers and local people. Houses like this exist in practically every port in the world. The one in Montreal has an excellent reputation!

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