DAvid Bolduc:
how Green Marine can help you

At his Green Marine office in Quebec City, David Bolduc is more often than not on the phone arranging for his next business trip. He strongly favours personally meeting with key decision-makers to explain how the Green Marine program can help maritime transportation companies to measurably improve their environmental performance. Here’s a visionary with a practical spirit.

“I try to meet with every CEO, terminal manager or other individual responsible for making a company’s decision to join Green Marine so that I can immediately address questions and concerns. I also like to meet with the managers who’ll be responsible for completing the Green Marine program’s initial self-evaluation form so that we establish a personal contact and they won’t hesitate to contact Green Marine with any further questions.”


Premises visit

Since Green Marine’s establishment seven years ago, Bolduc has personally visited the premises of most of the 80-plus ship owners, ports, terminals, shipyards and Seaway corporations that have joined the program as participants. “I like to see every company’s facilities and operations for myself so that I understand its unique situation,” he says.

Clear explanations

During his initial encounter, he thoroughly explains the program’s rationale, self-evaluation process and deadlines for submitting the company’s annual environmental performance. He also supplies Green Marine’s list of accredited verifiers whose regular oversight of the self-evaluation process gives the program its credence.

All of the details are provided in Green Marine’s self-evaluation guide. “No one should be intimidated by the number of pages,” Bolduc emphasizes. “The process for determining a participant’s current level of environmental performance is clearly and simply outlined, along with the steps necessary to achieve the next level.

Different starting points

“Green Marine was designed to implement in stages over many years as a process of continual improvement,” he explains. “It’s better to be involved at any starting point and then work at getting better.”

Simple and straightforward

The self-evaluation guide is reviewed and improved on a regular basis by all of Green Marine’s participants to keep it straightforward and simple. “We minimize the paperwork while maintaining consistent standards for a rigorous self-evaluation process so the program’s five levels –regulatory compliance to excellence/outstanding leadership– are clear and comparable,” Bolduc says.

Ideal for smaller businesses

More than half of Green Marine’s participants are small or medium-sized enterprises and many of them have limited staff and resources for sustainability reporting. The Green Marine template makes it feasible to document environmental improvements. “You don’t have to hire a consulting firm to benchmark your environmental performance,” Bolduc says. “And if you’re uncertain about things, the environmental managers from a number of participating companies have volunteered to mentor newcomers through the initial self-evaluation process.”

Valued knowledge sharing

One of the greatest successes of the Green Marine program has been the willingness of the participants to share their knowledge and experience when it comes to environmental improvement.

An aerial view of Pacific Coast Terminals

One recent example

At Pacific Coast Terminals in Port Moody, B.C., Wade Leslie appreciates having access to Green Marine’s huge knowledge base. “When it comes to the maritime industry’s best environmental practices, we now have representatives from more than 100 companies and/or organizations sharing their best ideas with us,” says the vice-president and general manager.

Wade Leslie of Pacific Coast Terminals
appreciated having all of his questions answered
by Green Marine's executive director David Bolduc.

When Pacific Coast Terminals in Port Moody, B.C., contacted Green Marine’s offices to express its interest in the environmental program, Bolduc arranged to meet with Leslie, who was then a terminal manager, during his next West Coast visit.

“It was great to have David explain simply and succinctly how the program works,” says Leslie. “David answered all of our questions and alleviated our concerns about the amount of time and resources involved.”

Meeting face to face also gave the folks at Pacific Coast Terminals an immediate good impression of Green Marine. “We would have likely joined in any case based on the information from other terminals, but meeting David gave us confidence about Green Marine being a good fit with our company,” Leslie says. “We’re proud of what we’re doing in terms of sustainability and want to ensure that any organization that we join reflects our values and professionalism.”