April 13, 2018
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18 M$ from Federal Government to MPA for intermodal network

Government of Canada provides 18.4 M$ funding to MPA to optimize intermodal network.

Ms. Sylvie Vachon, President and CEO of the Montreal Port Authority (MPA), was pleased to welcome today the federal Minister of Transport, the Honourable Marc Garneau, to Bickerdike Pier for an announcement of financial support under the National Trade Corridors Fund. 

The project to be funded will help the Port of Montreal maintain its level of operational excellence within the context of expected freight traffic growth. The Government of Canada’s financial assistance will allow the port to install 6,000 metres of railway track and switches and carry out additional development work on its railway network. This project to optimize the port’s intermodal network will allow a greater amount of cargo to be transported by rail. This is mission-critical to maintain optimal nationwide rail intermodality, and by doing so, support these growing trade flows that benefit Canadians.

“The Government of Canada decision to grant this financial support to our project demonstrates its appreciation of the MPA, and belief in its promising future” Ms. Vachon said. “It is with this assurance that we will continue our activities by developing infrastructure that will respond to the growing needs of our local, regional and national partners in the logistics chain.”

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Port Logistics 4.0:

Port of Montreal to participate in first global port hackathon

With innovation at the heart of its vision and business processes, the Port of Montreal is pleased to announce that members of its team will participate in the first global port hackathon to be held simultaneously in Los Angeles and Antwerp in October.

As part of this three-day creative marathon, the best start-up companies in the world will compete by using their ingenuity to find solutions to challenges developed by participating port authorities from the four corners of the world, including the Port of Montreal. These challenges will be well anchored in today’s port logistics reality with a view toward accelerating the industry’s digital transition.

As part of this first global event, the Port of Montreal will help define challenges, provide data to participants and be among the panel of judges that will choose winning projects.

ChainPORT, a group of select port authorities that the Port of Montreal was invited to join in 2017, is organizing this major innovation sector event.

The chainPORT initiative allows members to exchange information and develop innovative and forward-thinking solutions, all within the smart port concept. In addition to the Port of Montreal, chainPORT members are the Port of Antwerp, Port of Los Angeles, Port of Hamburg, Port of Busan, Port of Shenzhen, Port of Rotterdam, Port of Barcelona, Port of Singapore, Panama Maritime, Port of Felixstowe and IPC Indonesia Port Corporation.

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