May 17, 2017


The Port of Montreal’s history told in moving images

The year 2017 marks the celebration of two historic events, the 375th anniversary of the City of Montreal and the 150th anniversary of Canadian confederation. Both are key anniversaries that involve the Port of Montreal, given what a historic role port activities and shipping played for Montreal and Canada alike.

In fact, the Port was a founding component of the City of Montreal and a driving force for its economic and ethnocultural development, in addition to being at the heart of the Canada’s settlement and industrial era.

Now as we celebrate Montreal’s 375th anniversary, the Montreal Port Authority (MPA) is pleased to release a video full of images that bring Montreal’s rich port history to life. In it you will see how closely the Port of Montreal was tied to the city’s birth and growth.

This video is part of a current advertising campaign that also focuses on the intertwined past of the city and its port.

Check out this video on our YouTube account and feel free to share it!


Longshore work at the Port of Montreal skilfully exemplified

The MPA hails the initiative by the Maritime Employers Association (MEA) that resulted in a great video showcasing the trades related to freight transport and logistics, especially the trade of longshore worker for women and visible minorities.

Against a backdrop of magnificent images illustrating port infrastructures and operations, this video concretely explains and presents the job of longshore worker at the Port of Montreal. The project received support from the federal government’s Labour Program.

Hats off to the MEA and everyone who contributed to this great piece of communication and information!

Screen the video here.