Feb. 24, 2016


The MPA welcomes the establishment of the Montreal Industrial Port Zone

The President and CEO of the MPA, Sylvie Vachon, together with the Minister for Maritime Affairs, Jean D’Amour, the Mayor of Montreal, Denis Coderre, and the Mayor of the Borough of Mercier–Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, Réal Ménard, today announced the signing of an agreement for the establishment of an industrial port zone (IP Zone) in Montreal.

The members of the local committee mandated to establish the Montreal Zone IP are: the City of Montreal, the City of Montreal East, the Montreal Metropolitan Community, CargoM and the relevant departments and agencies.

Under this agreement, the government will fund up to 70% of costs associated with implementing the related development plan, to a maximum of $125,000.


In her speech, the Chair of the Montreal IP Zone, MPA President and CEO Sylvie Vachon said: “Great opportunities are emerging and they will enable us to increase our traffics. And to seize the growth opportunities, more than ever the Port and members of the Montreal supply chain can facilitate a boom of development in a variety of industrial sectors. This is the very basis of an industrial port zone, which the Port of Montreal has belonged to for a long time.

“The development of industrial port zones as announced this morning is a perfect fit with our business strategy, which we call Port+. This concept consists mainly of fostering partnerships and providing value-adding services close to port facilities. I often say that a port, like a magnet, attracts the companies and services that benefit from its presence. This has been our business model for years. I can only rejoice that the government is strengthening our efforts.”

Read the Quebec government press release



The MPA launches an ad campaign that draws on the Port of Montreal’s wealth of history

An advertising campaign that makes the most of the Port of Montreal’s rich history was launched today by the MPA with a publication in La Presse +. Starting February 27, you will see billboards along Notre-Dame and Souligny streets. Through this campaign, the Port of Montreal hopes to be perceived in Montreal’s 375th anniversary festivities as a founding element of the city. Thanks to three variations on the theme, the Port’s key role in Montreal’s development is showcased.



Two Port of Montreal partners benefit from the support of the Quebec Maritime Strategy

On February 17, the Quebec government announced up to $1,625,000 in financial assistance to Canest Transit Inc. to improve the capacity and efficiency of its terminal at the Port of Montreal. The total project cost is estimated at $6.5 million and the work will be carried out over the course of 2017. Its completion will enable Canest Transit Inc. to increase its reception capacity by truck, add a rail car unloading station, improve its grain handling chain conveyor inside the elevator, and increase both rail capacity and the surface area of the rail yard.

Link to the press release


Turning to Montreal Gateway Terminals Partnership (MGT), the Quebec government today announced $1 million in financial assistance. This amount will enable MGT to modernize its service offerings to road transport companies and improve the flow of truck traffic at its terminals. This project is in addition to the improvements implemented by the Port of Montreal over the last two years at its entry portal designed to spread out traffic volumes better so that wait times and time lost idling are both reduced.

Link to the press release