October 22, 2019
In brief

The Port of Montreal launches a series of video clips to highlight the vital role of port operations

As part of a campaign to raise awareness of its impact on the economy of Greater Montreal and Quebec, the Port of Montreal has compiled first-hand accounts from Quebec business leaders and a number of stakeholders in the transportation and logistics sector.

The various video clips, which cover the themes of economic impact, collaboration, innovation and the Contrecoeur port terminal project, showcase the Port of Montreal’s role and importance as a major economic link and vital ally for the success of many Quebec companies.

On this Maritime Day (October 22, 2019), screen the first clip in the series: Global trade platform, regional economic engine

In brIef

The Contrecœur port terminal project is attracting international interest

While building momentum in its early stages of development, the Contrecœur port terminal project is proving to be a sound and relevant project from the viewpoint of actors in the  international engineering and infrastructure sectors.

A major presentation on the project was made at the 11th edition of the Infrastructure Council’s Grand Forum, held from October 15 to 17 in Montreal. Under the theme Environment and Sustainable Development, the event featured a presentation by Ryan Dermody, Vice-President, Contrecœur at the Montreal Port Authority, and a panel discussion with Dominique Amyot-Bilodeau, Partner in the Business Law Group of McCarthy Tétrault, Dr. Nathalie Drouin, Professor in the Management and Technology Department at ESG UQAM and Executive Director of KHEOPS, and Pierre-Olivier Perras, President of Power Energy Corporation. The panel was moderated by Michel Leblanc, President and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal. The event provided an opportunity to address the project’s planning and implementation in light of the three pillars of sustainable development: economic, environmental and social.

Furthermore, on behalf of the Montreal Port Authority, President and CEO Sylvie Vachon received a Meritas Award from the Infrastructure Council for the Contrecœur project. Meritas Awards go to the individuals and organizations who have most successfully distinguished themselves through their outstanding achievements in the development and management of infrastructure projects in Canada.

The Contrecœur port terminal project is also the subject of a presentation by Ryan Dermody at the 11th North American Strategic Infrastructure Leadership Forum, which takes place in Washington DC on October 21 and 22, with the stated aim to present the 50 largest infrastructure projects in the world in terms of competitiveness, potential benefits and financial strength. 


White Paper on developing Montreal East

Left to right: Sophie Roux, Vice-President, Public Affairs, Montreal Port Authority; Christine Fréchette, President and CEO, Chamber of Commerce of Montreal East; Christian Yaccarini, President and CEO, Société de développement Angus; Alexandre Lagarde, Senior Director, Europe, Montreal International; Malika Habel, Director General, Collège de Maisonneuve

The Port of Montreal is proud to have participated in developing the white paper produced by the Chambre de commerce de l’Est de Montréal entitled Cap sur l’Est : livre blanc pour un développement économique renouvelé pour l’est de Montréal (Go East: A White Paper for Renewed Economic Development in Montreal East).

Launched on October 8, the white paper makes 40 recommendations to the various levels of government and stakeholders in the region to make Montreal’s east end an innovative and attractive territory for businesses, notably, to:

- Accelerate soil decontamination to increase capacity for investment projects

- Get basic infrastructure put in place

- Provide residents and workers with real mobility

- Improve the fluidity of freight transport

- Focus on innovative socio-economic models

Check out the pdf (French only) at