April 3, 2017


The Port of Montreal joins a select group of smart ports

In March, the Port of Montreal was invited to join a select group of port authorities called chainPORT, an initiative of the Port of Hamburg that allows members to exchange information and develop innovative, forward-looking solutions in line with the smart port concept. The ports are invited to not only share their vision of a smart port, but also to pool best industry practices to deal with a dynamic market. This approach makes it possible to go beyond traditional bilateral partnerships.

The steering committee of chainPORT established principles for its members. These principles will guide the actions of the various working groups in place, so that they can address major themes and issues ranging from mega-ships to the digitization of the port environment. The overall aim is to stimulate the exchange of ideas and the development of innovative projects. 

The Port of Montreal is the ninth port authority to join the group, after the ports of Hamburg, Antwerp, Busan, Barcelona, Los Angeles, Rotterdam, Singapore and Indonesia Port Corporation. This select group consists not only of large maritime hubs, but also of ports that have proved their ability to innovate.    

“The MPA is honoured and enthusiastic to join the ranks of the chainPORT group, which will allow us direct access to our international partners’ innovative ideas and projects,” said Sylvie Vachon, President and CEO of the MPA. “This membership shows yet again the Port of Montreal’s leadership in matters of innovation, and our participation in this group will definitely help us achieve our vision of the smart port.”  

Read the Port of Hamburg’s press release here




Sylvie Vachon, Honorary President of the AQTr 52nd Transportation Convention and Trade Show

MPA President and CEO Sylvie Vachon is Honorary President of the AQTr 52nd Transportation Convention and Trade Show: NEXT STOP! which began today and will run until April 5. Ville, Vision, Vitalité is the theme chosen for this 52nd edition. Through it, the AQTr wanted to honour the cities of Quebec and the entire world, as well as the transportation industry’s contribution to their prosperity. In this sense, the industry transports vitality along with vision. The AQTr also wanted to celebrate Montreal’s 375th anniversary.   

In her opening remarks, Ms. Vachon said: “The vision, expertise and know-how of industry professionals form a driving force, a vital contribution to the projects put forward. So for all of us, the AQTr transportation convention is a forum of choice for experts to exchange and share their knowledge, regardless of their fields of expertise or sectors of activity.”

It should be noted that representatives of the MPA will be speakers at some of the technical sessions. In addition, the MPA is a SILVER sponsor of the event. 

Learn more about this event here



The MPA consults stakeholders on the terminal project at Contrecœur

The MPA invited representatives of stakeholders from all walks of life (economic, logistical, municipal, environmental, community, etc.) to participate in a day of themed workshops on the environmental impact study for the container terminal project at Contrecœur. The objective of this workshop day was to present a preliminary overview of sector studies carried out by the MPA to develop the impact study, and then to improve the overview through the expertise of the various invited stakeholders by gathering their comments and recommendations.  

The participants were able to learn about and express their views on various themes: road and rail traffic, the environment (aquatic and terrestrial), marine transportation and economic benefits, as well as the human environment and impacts on the neighbouring communities.

Close to fifty people participated in this day, which was both productive and instructive. The comments, concerns and views gathered will enable the project team to refine the impact study that is underway and which is expected to be filed at the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency by the end of the spring.   

Find out more about the container terminal project at Contrecœur at this web page.