June 11, 2018
In brief

Ms. Malin Anagrius, Director of Soverdi and Urban
Forest Alliance Representative, Mr. Sean Finn,
Executive Vice President of CN, Ms. Valérie Plante,
Mayor of Montreal, Ms. Sylvie Vachon, President and CEO
of the Montreal Port Authority and Mr. Marc Boucher,
President of Hydro-Québec TransÉnergie

The Port of Montreal joins Montreal’s Greening Leaders Committee

The Port of Montreal is proud to join the Greening Leaders Committee of Montreal initiated by Soverdi (Société de verdissement du Montréal métropolitain) and the Alliance forêt urbaine (an urban forest alliance of 40 associations) to make Montreal a greener city.

CN, Hydro-Québec and the Port of Montreal, who make up this committee, are committed to launching large-scale projects to green their properties and, chiefly, create a real movement in Montreal’s business community. Forming the Green Leaders Committee of Montreal proves that, through a collective effort, it is possible to make Montreal an even greener city.

For its part, the Port of Montreal has already planted hundreds of trees on its territory and will continue its involvement by planting 2,000 trees over the next five years. It aims to green the spaces around its administrative offices, in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district and on its new Grand Quay facilities. It is committed to raising awareness among its partners to get them to carry out planting projects and, by doing so, help increase Montreal’s canopy index.

“It is with great pride that we join forces with Hydro-Québec and CN in a project as unifying and inspiring as this new committee of leaders in greening. The more the business community is involved in greening Montreal, the more we will be able to make a significant difference for the community,” said Sylvie Vachon, President and CEO of the Montreal Port Authority.

Soverdi and the members of Alliance forêt urbaine, in collaboration with Tree Canada, are planning to plant 50,000 new trees and other plants by 2022.


In brIef

The MPA wins twice at the AAPA Communications Awards

The History of Ships exhibition (Award of Excellence) and our global history-themed campaign (Award of Distinction) allowed us to stand out at the presentation of the AAPA (American Association of Port Authorities) Communication Awards.

The Port of Montreal at the Heart of History campaign in 2017 aimed to highlight the Port’s vital role in the history and socioeconomic development of the City of Montreal and Canada. Montrealers became aware of the Port’s historic importance as well as its current role as a tremendous lever for economic development and as a gateway to the world. This campaign took the form of a series of advertising displays, digital ads in La Presse+ and the Montreal Gazette, articles on social media, newsletters and a video:

Launched in July 2017, the History of Ships exhibitions makes it possible for visitors to sail back in time to experience the major stages in the evolution of Montreal’s storied port history.  It features six models of ships representing the types of vessels that called into the port over time up to the present, as well as a wealth of textual and visual information. A great success since its opening, to date the exhibition has welcomed close to 32,500 visitors.

To learn more about the AAPA Communications Awards here.