October 30, 2018
In brief

The Port of Montreal joins the TradeLens project from Maersk and IBM

Building on the momentum of its development strategy geared to innovation and the use of advanced technology, the Port of Montreal is proud to announce that it is joining the TradeLens project developed by Maersk and IBM to foster the development of more efficient and secure international trade.  

Underpinned by blockchain technology, the TradeLens strategy is a secure interface dedicated to freight transport that enables all members to share major transactions through real-time access to data and documents.

As part of this project, the Port of Montreal is fully committed to the project in collaboration with Montreal Gateway Terminals Partnership, whose terminals receive Maersk vessels. These data will then be integrated into the platform to create valuable organizational information that will result in better visibility of traffic flows for the Montreal supply chain.

“We applaud our partner Maersk for its vision and international leadership. We are convinced that joint work on a global scale is part of the key solutions to achieve a better flow of information and goods for the benefit of clients and partners. TradeLens is fully aligned with our objectives and business strategy centred on innovation and efficient shipping,” said Sylvie Vachon, President and CEO of the MPA.

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In brIef

Contrecoeur Terminal under the spotlight

The Montreal Port Authority is pleased to advance its container terminal project at Contrecoeur, the key project to support container market growth for Quebec and Eastern Canada, and outline its plan to Greater Montreal’s business, shipping and logistics communities.

Two major presentations on the Contrecoeur terminal project were made in recent days.

At the Traffic Club of Montreal, MPA President and CEO Sylvie Vachon alongside Vice-President, Contrecoeur Ryan Dermody explained the project during a sold-out luncheon conference that brought together 360 members of the marine and logistics industry.

Sylvie Vachon also presented the project at the South Shore Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday, October 30. 

Both these events made it possible to progressively track the project since its official launch in 2013 and to reaffirm its relevance and great strengths now and in the future economic context.

The MPA is also proud to offer an overview on video.


First chainPORT hackathon: a marathon of creativity at the service of tomorrow’s marine industry!

On Saturday, October 13, the first edition of the chainPORT hackathon was successfully completed. A number of tech students and startups strove in tandem, in Antwerp and Los Angeles, to come up with innovative solutions envisioning the ports of tomorrow. 

As part of a three-day creative marathon, the best young innovative startups in the world vied ingeniously to find solutions to challenges posed by participating port authorities from around the world, including the Port of Montreal.

On the Antwerp front, Rombit, a Belgian startup specializing in the development of software and digital solutions, stood out among the 400 participants and 35 proposed projects with its system to improve freight arrival times. The team was rewarded with a €5,000 grant and a full entrepreneurial mentorship program.

On the Los Angeles front, the Patent Pending team won the creative marathon with an automated inventory management project.

The jury members included the MPA’s Vice-President, Human Resources Serge Auclair (Antwerp) and Director of Strategic Intelligence and Innovation Daniel Olivier (Los Angeles).

Enjoy the hackathon’s highlights on video.