August 12, 2019
In brief

The Port of Montreal is elated by the Government of Canada's contribution to a project promoting fluidity at the Port of Montreal

This morning, an announcement of vital importance to the smooth flow of freight transport at the Port of Montreal was made by Canada's Transport Minister, Marc Garneau: through the National Trade Corridors Fund, the Government of Canada is allocating $18.5 million to the Montreal Port Authority (MPA) for its $37 million project to increase freight mobility. The MPA will also be investing $18.5 million in the project.

By banking on greater fluidity and efficiency, this project addresses the constant growth in cargo volumes transiting the Port of Montreal each year. It is noteworthy that since 2009, the total number of goods handled has grown by 58% to 39 million tonnes in 2018, a fifth consecutive record year. In addition to its expansion projects and massive investments in its infrastructure to increase land capacity, particularly at the Viau Terminal and in Contrecoeur, the MPA is doing everything possible to improve, modernize and streamline the management of cargo and containers on its docks.

There are four components to this project:

  1. Construction of a railway bridge at the exit of the truck gate where we are located. It will make it possible to eliminate traffic conflicts between trains and trucks.
  2. Development of an Intelligent Transport System for port trucking in collaboration with the City of Montreal. This project will make it possible to better understand the origins and destinations of trucks beyond Port territory. 
  3. Deployment of a series of variable message signs to keep truck drivers informed in real time.
  4. The development of solutions with our partners to modulate truck traffic at entry points based on actual activity on the terminals, thereby optimizing their service offering.

"This morning's announcement is exciting because the project will help us provide exporters and importers with ever more smooth and efficient service, and that will keep improving our competitive position in international trade," said Sylvie Vachon, President and CEO of the MPA.

The Port of Montreal is also excited about the announcement that $600,000 in funding has been awarded to the Université de Montréal to assess the effects of climate change on the Port of Montreal’s infrastructure. This research project could very well contribute to strengthening the sustainability of the port system and building its resilience to natural hazards.

The announcement took place in a key port area of the Port of Montreal, the truck gate located south of Boucherville Street.

For more information, check out the Government of Canada's press release here.


In brIef

Anik Trudel appointed to the Board of Directors of the Montreal Port Authority

On the recommendation of Quebec Transport Minister François Bonnardel, the Government of Quebec has appointed Anik Trudel to the position of Director of the Montreal Port Authority for a three-year mandate effective today.

Ms. Trudel brings extensive experience in the port sector and served on the MPA’s Board of Directors from 2008 to 2017, appointed by the federal government in consultation with Port users. The Chief Executive Officer of Lavery Avocats law firm and a lawyer by training, she was singled out for her expertise in the field of communications and public relations as well as her managerial skills.

Fellow MPA directors are very pleased to have Anik Trudel back in their midst and wish her all the best in her roles!


A festive event to mark Holland America bringing its 500,000th passenger to Montreal

From left to right: Jean-Charles Côté, Coordinator Cruise and Guest Service for the Port of Montreal, the Zaandam Hotel Director Bart Groeneveld and Captain Christopher Norman, Tony Boemi, Vice-President Growth and Development for the Port of Montreal, Patrizia Dri, Director, Media, Leisure Market & Member Services for Tourisme Montreal, John and Tina Grondin.© Thierry du Bois / Cosmos Image


Saturday the 10th of August was a day of free family activities on the green roof of the Port of Montreal’s Grand Quay to celebrate the arrival of the 500,000th Holland-America cruise passenger since the line first started coming to Montreal.

The honour went to John and Tina Grondin of Cleveland, Ohio, who were celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary aboard the Zaandam, which serves Montreal and the ports of the St. Lawrence and New England. They took the opportunity to visit Montreal for a few days.  

During this festive event, visitors were treated to a jazz show, a water cannon show by tugboat, marine knotting workshops and a number of organized games.   

On top of all that, a contest was organized to award a free tour of the ship and lunch for two on board. 

“Holland-America Line is a cruise partner that has been visiting us for 23 straight years. I want to thank the company for its loyalty and also for its advice when we were designing the new cruise terminal. The Grand Quay of the Port of Montreal is now one of Montreal's must-see landmarks, and we are especially happy to be able to welcome the 500,000th passenger from Holland America Line," said Sylvie Vachon, President and CEO of the Montreal Port Authority (MPA), in the press release issued for the occasion.