September 15, 2017
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The MPA receives the certification of Women in Governance for its gender-related measures

Women in Governance has just set up a Parity Certification in order to assist Quebec and Canadian businesses increase female representation in positions of power. The non-for-profit organization describes this certification as follows: "This is an innovative approach that looks at parity in the decision-making bodies of businesses, but also the preparation of succession plans and the implementation of the mechanisms that are necessary to enable women of all hierarchical levels, starting from entry-level positions, to advance their careers thus creating a pool of female talent".

At the annual Women in Governance recognition Gala held yesterday, the Montreal Port Authority (MPA) was awarded the Gold certification as it demonstrated its commitment through concrete actions in the field of governance and vision, equity and promotion of women. There are four levels of certification consisting of Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze.

The MPA is proud to receive this certification, which recognizes it as a model in promoting the role and place of women in business.

In brief

Renewal of three collective agreements at the MPA

During the summer of 2017, employees represented by three unions in the Port of Montreal, which includes the Canadian Union of Public Employees, local 4688, representing professional and technical staff, the Seafarers' International Union of Canada, representing mariners, and the Union of Employees of the Port of Montreal (CSN), representing blue-collar employees, accepted the offer presented by the Montreal Port Authority to renew their collective agreements.

The parties thus proceeded to renew their respective collective agreements for a period of ten years ensuring the stability of labour relations until 2027 for professional and technical personnel, in 2029 for mariners, and in 2030 for blue-collar employees. These three agreements benefit all of them. They confirm the bond of trust between the employees and the Port of Montreal and represent an important contribution to the development of the Port and the continuation of its major projects.


The "History of Ships" exhibition is a great success

The free "History of Ships" exhibition launched on July 19 of this year by the MPA at the new cruise terminal has been a great success. More than 16 000 people have visited it so far. It arouses the passion and enthusiasm of the many visitors. We invite you to discover the major stages of the evolution of Montreal's rich port history.

For more information, visit the Web page of the exhibition by clicking here.


Tourisme Montréal summer review: tourism on the rise

"According to the forecasts of Tourisme Montréal and the Conference Board of Canada, the volume of tourism spending in the city will demonstrate a growth of 9.9% reaching $3.6 billion over the entirety of 2017, representing $2.88 billion in economic spin-offs (value-added) and some 48 700 jobs across the province. This is in addition to the tax revenue of $1.49 billion", said Tourisme Montréal in a press release published on September 12.

In particular, the Montreal cruise sector will experience a record season with more than 110 000 passengers and crew members representing an increase of more than 25% over the past year.

We invite you to watch the Radio-Canada report, which also showcases the new cruise terminal by clicking here for more details.