1.    Transit time
       Shortest direct route from Europe and the Mediterranean to North America

2.    Strategic location
       Closest international container port to North America’s industrial heartland

3.    Velocity
       One-stop port, with no intermediate calls

4.    Reliability
       Dedicated weekly services from the top global carriers

5.    Cost efficient
       Balanced equipment flows through full vessel discharge and load

6.    Flexibility
       Partners are flexible to extraordinary requests

7.    Efficiency
      Container dwell time below North America East Coast standards

8.    Choice
       Directly connected to two Class 1 North American railways companies, with daily departures to Toronto, Chicago, Detroit

9.    Market Reach
       Access to 40 million consumers within one trucking day and 70 million consumers within two rail days

10.  Supply Chain Collaboration
       Continuous communication between the terminal operators, the Montreal Port Authority and the railways companies to ensure low dwell times and seamless operations

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