What is this orange ship doing docked near the passenger terminal work site?


A huge orange ship is docked at Alexandra Pier. It is so brightly coloured that it looks fluorescent in the Old Port. You can’t miss it. What’s it doing there?

Pending its next assignment, the Venture is blocking the view to the construction site of the new passenger terminal.

The ship is serving as a visual screen, hiding the site from neighbours to ease the impact of a terrain in upheaval and not always elegant construction equipment. Let’s keep in mind that in addition to local residents, we’re talking about a tourist hotspot, as the Old Port is one of the most visited sites in the whole city.

The ship is also serving as a construction noise and dust screen. “Its positioning is all the more strategic since the major work is taking place on this side here of the pier,” said Dany Cattiaux, engineer at the Port of Montreal and project manager of the Alexandra Pier rehabilitation project.

For safety reasons and to further mitigate the visual effects, a fence was erected around the construction site of the new passenger terminal.
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The Venture

This flamboyantly coloured ship is named the Venture. It is operated by CSL International Pool. CSL is a shipping company headquartered in Montreal. The Venture is a bulk carrier: It is built to carry bulk cargo that isn’t packaged, such as sand, grain and sugar. It is a self-unloader, in other words it carries its own crane so that it can unload its cargo without using a dock crane. Self-unloaders are required, among other things, to supply remote towns that do not have a dock or unloading equipment.