May 17th, 2016

Sylvie Vachon
President and Chief Executive Officer
Montreal Port Authority


It is my great pleasure today to present the latest incarnation of PortInfo Express. From now on, this revised and expanded version will offer you not one, but many stories on port activities in Montreal. The new PortInfo Express is taking over from PortInfo Magazine, formerly published three times a year. We opted for more timely and frequent issues with shorter texts. This redesigned concept of PortInfo Express seems better adapted to our business environment, where time is a scarce and valuable commodity. It lends itself well to a quick overview of events and activities related to the Port of Montreal and its partners.

Good communication between the Port and its partners is vital. It’s important to work in partnership to ensure our industry’s development. We just have to think of the Quebec Maritime Strategy and the upcoming implementation of industrial-port zones, or the work that Montreal’s logistics community is accomplishing through CargoM, to realize the need for and the pertinence of working together. And communication is at the heart of this collaboration.

I invite you to give the new PortInfo Express a good read and share it, in the hope that it will effectively help keep you au courant of our activities. Happy reading!



Anik Trudel was elected by her peers as Chair of the Board of Directors of the Montreal Port Authority (MPA). Her appointment took effect following the annual meeting of the MPA held on May 13. She succeeds Michel Lessard, who is retiring after nine years of loyal service, the maximum allowed under the Canada Marine Act. He chaired the Board for seven of those years.

Sylvie Vachon, President and CEO of the MPA, warmly thanked the outgoing Chair: “Mr. Michel Lessard has been backing me for seven years. He truly shares our vision of positioning at the Port of Montreal, and he helped us achieve it. Thank you, Mr. Lessard!”

Anik Trudel has been a board member since 2008. Ms. Trudel is Senior VP and General Manager at Citoyen Optimum, a Quebec-based public relations firm founded in 1981, with offices in Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, Vancouver and, through its international network, in the United States and Europe.

Furthermore, Marie-Claude Boisvert, a board member since 2014, was elected Vice-Chair. Ms. Boisvert is Chief Operating Officer, Desjardins Business Capital régional et coopératif.

We wish them every success in their new roles!



On May 7, Montreal welcomed its first cruise ship of the year. The honour of opening the 2016 cruise season goes to the Holland America Line cruise ship, the MS Veendam. This vessel with a capacity to carry more than 1,200 passengers is one of the most loyal visitors to the Port of Montreal. This year, it will head up the St. Lawrence River to Montreal the most often, visiting us nine times!

Check out the cruise vessel schedule

On its way from Fort Lauderdale, the Veendam docked at 7:00 am at Berths 34-35, east of Jacques-Cartier Bridge. This is where the Port of Montreal set up the alternative terminal to welcome passengers during the restoration of Alexandra Pier and Iberville Passenger Terminal, located in Old Montreal.

For information on the alternative terminal

To learn more about the restoration of Alexandra Pier and the passenger terminal.