Making the news dockside

It’s not every day that a container terminal is inaugurated! The last time was 30 years ago when we inaugurated Maisonneuve Terminal. We succeeded again in bringing together the key requirements to carry out such a project, enabling us on November 18 to inaugurate the new Viau Terminal, the fourth international container terminal at the Port of Montreal, in the company of fellow financial partners in the project, the terminal operator Termont and Infrastructure Canada.  

This new terminal and these new cranes rising into the city’s skyline are an eloquent testimony to the Port of Montreal’s growth and economic vitality. It is also synonymous with major economic benefits. By the time Phase 2 of the project has been completed, the terminal will accommodate 600,000 TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units). This in turn will add $340 million per year and 2,500 direct and indirect jobs to the Port’s annual economic benefits.  

Building a new terminal is a serious investment and a colossal amount of work. The terminal covers 200,000 square metres, the size of 37 football fields. And the equipment is gigantic. The two grey cranes standing on the wharf are 95.5 metres high, about the height of a 20-storey office building. They are the largest at the Port. It takes a long arm to pick up containers stacked on the enormous container ships docked at the pier.

True to its commitment to respect its neighbouring residents as it grows, the Port listened to their wishes and recommendations. That’s how these cranes, which were supposed to be the same red as the other cranes belonging to the operator of the Termont Terminal, ended up being painted grey. Neighbours clearly told us that they wanted a more neutral colour that would blend better into the landscape. We got the message and took action!
This new terminal is the result of close collaboration between public and private sector organizations. It takes into account communities and the environment, and we can be very proud of this.

Sylvie Vachon

President and CEO
Port of Montreal