information process with viau sector residents

The Port of Montreal has set an objective to inform and consult with residents, especially when large-scale works need to be carried out.

Work in the Viau sector is progressing.

This step is part of its action plan to strengthen its relations with local communities. A concrete example of this action plan is the information process that took place last winter during redevelopment of the Viau port sector between Pie IX Boulevard and Viau street.

An advisory letter was sent in March 2013 to residents near the work site and all neighbourhood organizations. The letter briefly explained the Viau sector development project, its different phases and when the work would take place.

In addition, residents were invited to two open house meetings to get more information directly from port representatives.


Claude Beaubien, chief engineer, Infrastructure


A phone number and email address were also made available to neighbours so that they could send us any questions or share any concerns about the work.

Where are we today ?

Work is nearing completion. It involved creating a new site able to accommodate containers. To support containers stacked five high and filled to capacity, more trucks and heavy-lift equipment, the soil had to be strengthened. To do so, we had to compact it.

The Port innovated

The Port of Montreal innovated by recovering the soils in place. Read an article on the subject in the Autumn 2013 PortInfo : At Viau, we’re reclaiming and reusing land.