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Honour for MSC

Danielle Virone (left), executive director of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in
Canada, Najim Shaikh, director of sales and marketing for MSC Canada, and
Tony Loffreda, head of the national client group, Quebec, executive vice-president,
RBC Royal Bank of Canada, and Premio Venezia 2012 honorary president.

International shipping line MSC has linked the Port of Montreal with some 14 Italian ports since 1998. Thanks to MSC’s shipping services, Quebec and Italy trade boatloads of goods that cross the Atlantic in thousands of containers each year.

The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada paid tribute to MSC for its role in the fostering of partnerships between Italy and Quebec by presenting the shipping line with its Premio Venezia 2012 award at a special ceremony held at the Montreal Congress Centre on February 6.

This was the 10th edition of Premio Venezia, which recognizes annually excellence in partnerships between Italy and Quebec in various sectors of activity. Organizers pointed to negotiations for a Canada-European Union Trade and Economic Agreement as reinforcement of this collaboration.

In addition to playing a dominant role in trade between Italy and Quebec, MSC Canada is involved in the activities of the new Logistics and Transportation Metropolitan Cluster of Montreal, known as Cargo Montreal. MSC Canada managing director Sokat Shaikh is a member of Cargo Montreal.

MSC Canada management is looking at the collaborative efforts of this new organization to reinforce Montreal’s role in international maritime transportation. “If we want to preserve and increase our competitive advantages vis-à-vis U.S. East Coast ports, we – the industry players located in Montreal – must absolutely join forces and work together,” said Montreal native Najim Shaikh, director of sales and marketing for MSC Canada. “We must look to our common interests to find solutions that will ensure the future of maritime transportation in Montreal.”