Most recent update: June 2, 2021

A message from Martin Imbleau, President and CEO of the Montreal Port Authority

After the past few weeks of uncertainty and the labour dispute between the dockworkers' union CUPE Local 375 and the Maritime Employers Association, the Port of Montreal team resumed operations over the weekend with a sigh of relief. To mark this beneficial turnaround, Martin Imbleau speaks to the Port's clients and partners on video.


Status of the situation : back to business

One month after the end of the dockworkers’ strike and the resumption of activities at the Port of Montreal, our efforts are well underway to fully clear the backlog and ensure a return to normalcy as fast as possible.

At present, about 2,500 TEUs to be shipped by rail are still on the terminals, considerably fewer than last week. The container dwell time has also notably been reduced, we currently have an average dwell of 2 to 3 days. We thank our supply chain partners, including the trucking and rail companies, the CN and CP, for their cooperation in this effort to turn things around despite the considerable challenges involved. 

Rest assured that our teams, same as our partners’ teams, remain completely mobilized to fully restore the situation as soon as possible, an operation that could take a few more weeks.

We will continue to keep you informed of all developments.



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As needed, the MPA invites clients to contact the various terminal operators or consult their websites for more specific information about their situation.

 It is important to check the websites of the terminal operators for the status and hours of operation for the next few days, especially for the planning of truckers. Congestion is expected at certain times of the day for the first few days and weeks.

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