The Port of Montreal operates its rail network featuring close to 100 km (60 miles) of track and direct dockside access. Container trains are assembled right beside the vessels. Using our eco-friendly GenSet locomotives, the rail cars are moved to and from the rail interchange zone on Port territory. This on-dock rail system connects to major North American markets through both Canadian National (CN) and Canadian Pacific (CP) networks.


Our innovation-driven initiatives, such as GHG reduction, the truck fluidity program, e-navigation, rail management system and data sharing with stakeholders, are all geared to successfully meet logistics challenges.

The common entry truck portal features optical and video recognition units to accurately identify containers and trucks, reducing wait times and improving fluidity.

All transactions are validated through 27 checkpoints equipped with an automated registration system, where a computer recognizes the truck driver’s fingerprint biometrics.

Our Trucking PORTal application keeps trucking companies better informed by providing wait times for trucks at container terminals in real time.

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