A German platform unit to repair berths

Sometimes it is easier to repair berths from shore than from the water. To respond to such needs, the Port of Montreal acquired a new made-to-measure platform unit last year.

Denis Labrèche’s team has been assigned to repair the top of Berth M6 on this beautiful June 21. This triarticulate platform unit makes their job much easier. It is manufactured by Moog, a German company renowned for its precision motion control products, some of which are used in space.

The Moog unit provides perfect stability. The platform is linked to a solid arm that is mounted to a trailer on the berth. This allows the platform to move autonomously. The vertical arm slides on a metal structure, meaning the work platform can move up or down the berth wall.

The platform is large enough to accommodate several workers at once, and it has a board to control the unit’s movements.  “Before, we used a support structure that was not very stable, or a barge that moved with the waves, “ said Labrèche,

the Port of Montreal’s civil works foreman. “The new boom allows us to work faster and more efficiently.”

Building technicians Sylvain Bouchard and Martin Vincent enjoy working with the Moog platform unit. “Previously, we had to work in a tight two-foot-by-six-foot bucket that we had to move all the time,” Sylvain said. “This makes our job much easier to do, and we can work side-by-side.” Martin also appreciates the extra elbow room that the unit provides. “The secret to a job well done is to be able to position yourself at the right height and at the right distance,” he said.

Denis Labrèche, the Port of Montreal’s civil works foreman.