Handling of the goods

How can I ship goods or belongings through the Port of Montreal?
Which ships are in the port right now?
How do I get a certain terminal at the port of Montreal?
Where is my container?

Port of Montreal and MPA

What is the Montreal Port Authority?
How is the Port of Montreal important?
What is the Port of Montreal's economic impact?
Is the port open in winter?
Are there any locks between Montreal and the Atlantic Ocean?
Is the Port of Montreal a St. Lawrence Seaway port?
Where can i find arrival and departure dates for ships at the Port of Montreal?
What is the difference between the Port of Montreal and the Old Port of Montreal?
Can I fish in the Port of Montreal?
Does the Port of Montreal offer activities for tourists?
How do I apply for a job with the Montreal Port Authority?
Where is the head office of the Montreal Port Authority?


What is chart datum?
What is the water level of the St. Lawrence River's navigation channel right now?
What will the water level be next week?
Are there tides in Montreal?
Where can I register my vessel?
Where can I dock my sailboat/motorboat at or near the Old port?
Where can I find out more about the Lachine Canal?
Is it possible to travel on a cargo ship?
Is it possible to work on a cargo ship?


Is it possible to work on a cruise ship?
How do I book an international cruise on the St. Lawrence River?
Can I rent a cruise ship for a party?
How do I get to the cruise terminal?
Where can I find old passenger lists for ships that came through the Port of Montreal?