The set of TV talk show L'été indien

L’Été indien at the Port

“We sure have the best view of Montreal!” exclaimed Don Scardochio in an interview last fall. (Read the article)

The Director of Operations at the terminal operator Empire Stevedoring could not have known how right he was! After scouting many sites with views of downtown Montreal, the production staff of the TV talk show L’été indien at Productions J arrived at Bickerdike Pier, and the view took their breath away. That was it: they decided they would shoot right there on the pier. 

Four episodes of L’été indien were shot in July, co-hosted by Julie Snyder, known for the game shows as well as the talk shows she hosts and produces in Quebec, and Michel Drucker, a popular journalist and TV host in France. Together they welcomed stars from both side of the Atlantic such as actor Xavier Dolan, singer Marie-Mai, actor Marc Labrèche and singer Francis Cabrel. It made the news when Céline Dion and Julie Snyder arrived by water ski to open the show.  Many international guests, long accustomed to film sets, traveling the world and high budget projects, were impressed by the show’s magnificent backdrop. 

The talk show set was located at the end of Bickerdike Pier.

Security first and foremost!

But this success came at a cost! Productions J had to install access to running water, electricity and the Internet, none of which existed on the east side of Bickerdike Pier, where they had set the stage for the show. 

On top of that, the film crews, technicians and guests had to show their credentials at the access gate to the site. Jean-Pierre Hamel, manager of Bickerdike Terminal, explained, “Under the Marine Transportation Security Act, we have to ensure the integrity of cargo passing through our docks. According to the regulations, any visitor who wants access to the pier territory must be expected. Nobody can wander anywhere unattended.” Buses or limousine-taxis shuttled between the entrance to the terminal and the space allocated for the shoot. 

That involved a lot of people! There were 150 employees of the show, plus the guests and audience members. To accommodate them all, 12 motor homes were installed, some used as dressing trailers for the performers, and about ten tents for the production crew.

- “So, Mr. Hamel, were your tenants satisfied with their experience at the end of Bickerdike Pier?”

- “More than satisfied; they’re talking about coming back next year!”

Héritage Maritime Showcase Exhibition: Onde


For a third consecutive year, Héritage Maritime Canada is treating us to a new exhibition of magnificent photos of the sea. This year, the focus is on the wave (Onde). This is an ideal subject for photographers as it poses tirelessly, over and over again, indefinitely. But the waves immortalized by the lens of photographer Clark Little are exceptional. The exhibition, of which the Port of Montreal is a proud partner, is on display at the corner of De la Commune and King.

To publicize the Onde exhibition, Héritage Maritime Canada launched a contest that people simply had to enter for a chance to win the single grand prize: