Contrecœur terminal project: driving growth

Our last annual report, posted just a few weeks ago, announced a new record for the Port of Montreal in terms of the number of containers handled. Over 50 years after the first containers arrived in Montreal, 1.7 million containers now pass through our facilities each year.

Population growth keeps rising, trade is increasing and consumer needs are as demanding as ever. If these trends continue, soon we won’t have any space left on our terminals to accommodate containers on the Island of Montreal. That’s why we are moving forward with our major project to develop a new container terminal in Contrecoeur.

This is not a new project. The land was purchased some 30 years ago by the Port of Montreal’s management because even back then, they had already predicted that this new international mode of freight transport called the container would boom. They were right.

In recent months, our project took a number of decisive steps forward. Last year after we tabled our environmental impact statement, public consultations were held to communicate the details of the project to neighbouring political, economic and civic communities. Since then, we have created a new position of vice-president on our team to oversee project progress and we have answered the first round of questions from the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency following a comprehensive study.

All these steps bring us closer to the goal! We can’t wait to carry out this vast project that will help serve businesses and consumers better, create lots of jobs and strengthen our competitiveness regionally, nationally and internationally. A great project with a promising future!

Sylvie Vachon