Expansion — Contrecœur port terminal


Construction of the terminal is scheduled to start in 2020, conditional on obtaining the necessary permits and other success factors. Commissioning of the terminal is planned for 2023–2024.

Traffic during operation:

  • 1,200 trucks per day
  • 2 to 3 ships per week
  • 1 train per day

December 2019

Canada Infrastructure Bank announced it is committing up to $300 million in financing to the Port of Montreal’s project to build a new container terminal in Contrecoeur.

April 2019

The MPA submitted its answers to the CEAA's first set of questions, a 3,200-page document.

The next step is for the CEAA to check the consistency of the answers and, if necessary, request additional clarification in a second round of questions. Once the CEAA concludes that it has sufficient information to complete its analysis, it prepares a report with recommendations that will be posted online for one month to gather public comments. The CEAA will review its report in light of the comments received and then forward it to the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) for it to make a decision on the project.

July 2018

The MPA announced the appointment of Ryan Dermody to the newly created position of Vice-President, Contrecœur. In his new role, he will oversee the project and collaborate on related projects, such as establishing a logistics hub in the sector. 

Winter 2018

On January 18, the CEAA posted the project’s environmental impact assessment on its website. This vast study, carried out by the MPA team in collaboration with a team of experts from SNC-Lavalin, examined many issues grouped under the following five themes:

  • Road and rail traffic
  • The environment—water and land
  • Marine transportation
  • Economic benefits
  • Human environment—Impacts for neighbouring communities

From February 27 to March 1, the MPA team participated in the CEAA’s public hearings and information sessions to present the results of the study. 

Fall 2016 to spring 2017

As part of its environmental impact assessment, the MPA consulted with local stakeholders, met with the Aboriginal communities affected, organized thematic workshops with local experts and held open houses at Contrecœur and Verchères.

December 2015

The MPA submitted the description of its Contrecœur expansion project to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA).

April to December 2014

To encourage the project’s integration into the community, the MPA conducted a pre-consultation initiative with all project stakeholders, including business partners, the government agencies involved, local communities and interest groups. It also held open houses for the local population. 

Between 1988 and 1992

The Port of Montreal acquired 468 hectares of land including 4 km of shoreline and a terminal that has been operating since the 1950s at Contrecœur. The site is a strategic location for several reasons:

  • Ideal configuration to operate a modern container terminal
  • Proximity of a rail network and a road network (Highway 30)
  • Space for industrial and logistics development near the terminal project site
  • Mainly industrial area, facilitating cohabitation with residential areas

Project overview

The container market at the Port of Montreal has been growing for more than 50 years. The MPA has been planning a new container terminal on its Contrecœur property to support the growth of the container market in Quebec and Eastern Canada.

Estimated economic benefits:

  • Close to 5,000 jobs during construction/one-time Impact on GDP: $470 million, of which $364 million in Quebec
  • About 1,000 direct jobs during operation/recurring impact on GDP: $119 million, of which $104 million in Quebec.

Construction of a terminal that, when completed, can handle 1.15 million TEUs per year

Project description

  • Two berths and a container handling area
  • An intermodal rail yard connected to the main network
  • A truck entry portal connected to the road network
  • Support facilities

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