CEO’s Message

security : a collaborative effort

Safety and security have been, are and always will be part of the major concerns of all the port authorities in the world. Ports are global transit hubs for goods and that, by definition, makes them hotspots. We will never change this reality.

What we can change and improve, however, is our ability to manage sensitive situations. This is why PortInfo is dedicating its fall issue to the critically important topic of safety and security.  

The person ultimately responsible for the Port of Montreal’s safety and security, Félixpier Bergeron, started working at the Port of Montreal a month before September 11, 2001. It was quite a baptism of fire, as they say, since he had to ensure that the port complied with new security standards the day after the tragic event hit New York City. We rose to the challenge with gusto. In 2004, the Port of Montreal was the first Canadian port accredited by the International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) Code, an international code for the security of ships and port facilities.

Upgrading and improving safety and security systems is an ongoing job, given that on one hand, the dangers change and take on new faces over time, and on the other hand, technology keeps delivering ever more effective solutions.

We also know that the best security systems and the most sophisticated safety regulations amount to nothing without cooperation from the people who use them. As is so often the case, the right answer to the issues of safety and security emerges from the right mix of technology and human expertise. At the Port of Montreal, we can count on exceptional collaboration from the various organizations involved in port safety and security.

Happy reading!