CEO’s Message

Ecological AND economical

Sustainable development initiatives require solutions that are both ecological AND economical. All too often these notions seem to contradict one another. It’s as if measures aimed at protecting the environment hurt the economy. Or that we have to sacrifice financial results for ecological objectives. It’s as though we have to choose between the economy and the environment.

However, experience shows that ecological solutions generally do translate into cost savings. At the Port of Montreal, we understand the importance of incorporating ecological solutions into our development plans. While it is true that the return on investment can sometimes take many years, it does nonetheless occur. It’s up to us to have a longer-term vision. It can only be beneficial in the long run.

We have no choice but to adapt our economic framework so that we can protect our ecological system in order to ensure a clean and safe world for the generations that follow us. When a company adopts a sustainable development policy, it must have management’s complete support. And management itself must encourage sustainable development initiatives at all levels of the organization. Our people in the field, and especially the younger generation, often have excellent solutions for making operations more respectful of the environment. Listen to them.

The stories that you will read in this issue of PortInfo show the importance of integrating sustainable development into strategic planning, and we are proud to share with you the  environmental initiatives of the maritime transportation industry.

The Port of Montreal is one of the proud founding members of Green Marine and we intend to remain a leader on the environmental front. We firmly believe in our mission to contribute to the prosperity of both the Greater Montreal region and Canada while respecting the environment.