CEO’s Message

The future lies in our community of vision and values

A few weeks ago, a delegation visited the Port of Savannah to study its model. This Georgian port has developed impressive logistics parks adjacent to its territory. Our hosts generously shared their experience with us and they proved to be a great source of inspiration. Obviously, every port has its own reality and the goal is not to fully transpose the Savannah model here, but instead to capture the essence and adapt it to our social, geographic, environmental and economic context.   

What struck me was the community of vision and values shared by all the stakeholders that affect the supply chain. The client companies of the logistics parks, like the private owners of different parks, speak with one voice and the same heartfelt impetus. We saw for ourselves how they mobilized around common interests that took precedence over the competition between them. They realized that if belonging in the Port of Savannah ecosystem came first, by working together to improve their service offering to customers, each of them would come out on top in the long run. The results speak for themselves.

This community of vision and values that transcend the individual interests of this or that player is more than a business strategy; it’s a business culture. It is this culture that we are determined to implement here, of course with its own Montreal flavour. We will get back to you soon on this exciting subject.

Recently, the provincial and municipal governments reiterated how important this issue is to them and they identified marine transport as a major economic engine. For its part, CargoM, the Logistic and Transportation Metropolitan Cluster of Montreal, is looking for the best way to implement such culture here.

In short, all the components are in place to ensure that a strong logistics chain emerges in the metropolitan area, which will benefit the economy not only of Montreal, but Quebec as a whole. A story to follow... in the very near future. Stay tuned !

In the meantime, have a great summer!