CEO’s Message

2015 ACPA Conference: mission accomplished!

The Port of Montreal was honoured to be entrusted with organizing and holding the 2015 Conference and Annual General Meeting of the Association of Canadian Port Authorities (ACPA). It was a great pleasure to host our colleagues from Canadian ports, their partners, representatives from the various levels of government and high-calibre speakers. According to comments expressed by the delegates, those two and half days of intense activities were a huge success.

I’d like to thank everyone who helped make this event a happening that will long be remembered.

Seeing us all together in one place, I thought what a strong nationwide network we form. It’s in all of our interests to focus on our joint interests, and they are many! We win every time we work together, every time we join forces, especially with global marine transportation as our framework.

This edition of PortInfo is special because it focuses almost exclusively on the 2015 ACPA Conference. It will bring back many of the highlights that marked our annual gathering.

Happy reading!

Sylvie Vachon
President and Chief Executive Officer
Montreal Port Authority