canada - european union trade


A federal report states that Comprehensive and Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) between Canada and the European Union could boost the Canadian economy by at least $12 billion annually and increase Canada’s trade with Europe by 20 %a year. The EU is Canada’s second-biggest trading partner. In 2012, Canada’s trade with the EU totalled $89.2 billion, comprising $38.7 billion in Canadian exports to, and $50.5 billion in imports from, the EU.



Canada’s top merchandise exports to the EU in 2012:

Products Value in billion $
Precious stones and metals 14,6
Machinery and equipment 3,1
Mineral fuels and oils 3
Mineral ores 2,3
Aerospace products 2

Canada’s top merchandise imports from the EU in 2012:

Products Value in billion $
Machinery and equipment 9,5
Vehicles 6,3
Pharmaceutical products 5,5
Mineral fuels and oils 4,7
Electric and electronic machinery 3,1

Source: Canada International, Government of Canada