Brought To You By Ship: New video game


Want to familiarize the kids in your life with the port environment ? Check out Brought To You By Ship!

We have the St. Lawrence Economic Development Council (SODES) to thank for this new video game. Last February, SODES launched the latest version of Brought To You By Ship, a free video game that lets young people become captains and manage their own shipping company. This game is both fun and educational.  It can be played on gameforscience, a recognized platform that primary school teachers use in class. Brought To You By Ship specifically targets children in cycle three, or grades 5 to 6, ages 10 to 12.

Brought To You By Ship lets the young captain guide a ship through icebergs and perform docking manœuvres with a tugboat. We bet their parents will be fully on board with this game, too!


Dust Extration at Viterra

Since last spring, the Viterra terminal has been vacuuming grain dust! And that’s just for starts…


Alain Lacasse, Director of Terminal Operations at Viterra, is justifiably proud of his cleanup. The end is in sight of dust raised by grain handling at the huge grain silo, located slightly west of Dickson Street.  

Where does this dust come from? It’s from particles that are picked up along with the grain. When farmers harvest their fields, they collect tiny little bits of bark and stems, etc. along with the grain, which reaches the terminal by ship, train and truck and is then conveyed into the silos. Viterra receives mainly wheat from Western Canada, Quebec and Ontario, but also corn, soya and canola… Afterwards, the grain is loaded onto ships to Europe, Africa and South America.

The first dust extractor was installed in the spring of 2015 and will be followed by several more through this multi-phase project. “We want to be known as a responsible corporate citizen, and we do everything it takes to achieve this,” said Alain Lacasse.

That’s not all.  The dust vacuumed up by the dust extractor is sent to a silo where it is recovered and then sold to pet food manufacturers. “These grain residues are full of protein!”