Board and Management Committee

The Board of Directors of the Montreal Port Authority (MPA) consists of seven members, appointed as follows:

- The Governor in Council appoints one director nominated by the federal Minister of Transport;

- The City of Montreal appoints one director;

- The Province of Quebec appoints one director;

- The Governor in Council appoints four other directors nominated by the Minister in consultation with the Port users he chooses or the categories of users named in the Letters Patent.

Currently, there are no vacancies on the MPA Board of Directors.

Board members are subject to a specific compensation policy.

The MPA Management Committee, chaired by President and CEO Sylvie Vachon, is composed of seven Vice-Presidents, responsible for such various mandates as Operations, Finance and Administration, Legal Affairs and Real Estate, Growth and Development, Human Resources, Business Intelligence, the Contrecoeur terminal, and Public Affairs.

Board of Directors


Management committee


Ms. Marie-Claude Boisvert

Chair of the Board

President - Governance and Human Resources Committee, and Contrecoeur Committee

Senior Vice-president, Desjardins Business Services

    Ms. Sylvie Vachon

President and CEO

Ms. Hélène Lauzon

Vice-Chair of the Board

Member - Governance and Human Resources Committee

President - Sustainable Development and Safety Committee

President of the Quebec Business Council on the Environment


M. Thomas Assimes

Vice-President Finances and Administration



Ms. Johanne Lépine

Member - Governance and Human Resources Committee, Audit Committee, and Sustainable Development and Safety Committee

President and CEO of AON Parizeau

    Mr. Serge Auclair

Strategy and Human Resources


Ms. Nathalie Pilon

President - Audit Committee

Member - Contrecoeur Committee

President of ABB Canada


    Mr. Tony Boemi

Growth and Development


M. John Parisella

Member - Sustainable Development and Safety Committee

Senior Advisor, Business Outreach NATIONAL

    Mr. Daniel Dagenais



Ms. Anik Trudel

Member - Audit Committee, and Contrecoeur Committee

Chief Executive Officer
Lavery Lawyers


M. Ryan Dermody

Vice-President Contrecoeur


Ms. Marie-Claude Leroux

Legal Affairs and Real Estate
Corporate Secretary


Ms. Sophie Roux

Public Affairs



Organizational Chart