Beautiful visitors

The Iberville Passenger Terminal was busier than ever in September and October, welcoming cruise passengers who were enjoying Quebec’s fantastic fall colours.

The Port of Montreal welcomed a record 55,000 cruise ship passengers in 2012, up 46 per cent over the previous year. These vacationers, along with 14,000 crew members, generated an estimated $14 million in economic spinoffs for Montreal.

Visible from Cité du Havre, the largest of these immaculately white or brightly coloured ships, with their funnels and long antennas, changed the landscape of Montreal’s waterfront.

The unprecedented cruise numbers are not a stroke of luck. Indeed, many players in Montreal’s business sector have vowed to make the city a more and more popular destination for cruise ships. An initiative of Tourism Montreal and the Port of Montreal, these players have formed the Montreal Cruise Committee. Participants are Aéroports de Montréal (Montreal airports), the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal, the City of Montreal, the Hotel Association of Greater Montreal, Montreal Casino, the Old Montreal Business Development Corporation and the Old Port of Montreal Corporation. The committee also has the support of Tourism Quebec.

Not only was 2012 a record cruise year, it also provided Montrealers with the opportunity to see several international cruise ships in the port for the very first time, including the luxurious Seabourn Sojourn, which docked on September 28 and October 19. Owned by The Yachts of Seabourn, this 198-metre-long ship can accommodate up to 450 passengers.

A unique cruise ship

On September 27, a truly remarkable cruise ship made its annual visit to Montreal. True to its name, The World continuously circumnavigates the globe. Launched in Oslo, Norway, in 2002, the ship is unique in that most of its passengers are residents or owners of one of the 165 luxurious apartments aboard the vessel. Some residents live on the ship year-round.

A veritable floating residential community, The World sails the oceans of the world, from the North and South Poles to the Equator, and visits all continents. It belongs to the company ResidenSea.

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