port of montreal introduces its first mobile application

Montreal, January 3, 2014 – The Montreal Port Authority (MPA) is introducing its very first mobile application as part of the milestone 175th Gold-Headed Cane presentation ceremony taking place this morning.

A major international port, the Port of Montreal welcomes every year more than 2,000 ships carrying all types of cargo to and from all parts of the world.

Navigating the digital waterways

The mobile application is being launched in a very special context as the MPA is celebrating today the 175th presentation ceremony of the Gold-Headed Cane, awarded to the captain of the first ocean-going vessel to enter the Port of Montreal each year, and the 50th anniversary of year-round navigation on the St. Lawrence navigation channel to Montreal.

For the first time, Port of Montreal historical information and archival photos, previously found in books, will be readily accessible to one and all – at their fingertips – through this free mobile application.

The first chapter of the application, which will evolve over time, will allow users to board a ship and sail the oceans of time in order to explore the rich history of the Port of Montreal and, in particular, the Gold-Headed Cane. They will become acquainted with the rules of the ‘game’ by learning more about the winning captains and ships, and even be able to experience for themselves the ‘race’ for the Gold-Headed Cane.

The inquisitive, history buffs and those who have a passion for the maritime industry will be able to download the free application directly on their mobile device, through their application provider, on iOS and Android platforms.

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