Antwerp: mission accomplished

On September 16, six members of the Montreal Port Authority returned from Antwerp, Belgium with suitcases full of projects and new avenues of cooperation to pursue.

The situation is much different in Antwerp than it is in Montreal : residentials areas are located
farther away from port facilities.


The meeting with our Belgian partners came about through an agreement signed last year that enables the Port of Montreal and the Port of Antwerp to join forces and work together on several matters, notably by sharing their best practices and making united efforts on marketing and market development.

“We exchanged business information in order to strengthen our promotion, canvassing and strategic planning operations,” explained Tony Boemi, Vice-President, Growth and Development at the Montreal Port Authority. He went on to say that this involves making the most of the partners’ respective advantages to benefit the other. For example, the Port of Montreal could do a good turn for the Port of Antwerp through its relationship with its neighbour to the south, the U.S. In exchange, the Port of Antwerp could help the Port of Montreal expand its presence in Asian markets.

The partners also held information sessions on community relations. The Port of Antwerp’s geographic location is quite different from the Port of Montreal’s; in Antwerp, the residential neighbourhoods are located farther away from port facilities than in Montreal. “They do really inspiring things. It’s up to us to learn about and then adapt these great ideas to the Montreal reality,” stated Sophie Roux, Director of Communications. She is particularly interested in their port’s presence in the cultural and social fabric of the City of Antwerp.

The delegation from the Port of Montreal was composed of Sylvie Vachon, President and CEO, Tony Boemi, Vice-President, Growth and Development, Daniel Dagenais, Director of Operations, Sophie Roux, Director of Communications, Daniel Olivier, Manager, Business Intelligence and Innovation, and Yves Gilson, Manager, Marketing, Growth and Development.