Access to information

To make a Request for Records

1. Fill out an Access to Information Request Form. Or, you can send a dated and signed letter with the following information:

  • a statement, indicating that you are making a request under the ATIA;
  • as specific a description as possible of the records to which you seek access;
  • your name, address, telephone number(s) and email address if applicable.

2. Enclose the application fee of $5.00 (cheque or money order) payable to Montreal Port Authority for each request.

3. Send your form or letter to:

Montreal Port Authority
Access to Information and Privacy Coordinator
Port of Montreal Building
2100 Pierre-Dupuy Avenue, Wing 1
Montreal, Quebec H3C 3R5
Tel. (514) 496-8123

info Source

Introduction to Info Source and General information about Montreal Port Authority [PDF - 142K]


Reports on the Administration of the Access to Information Act

Reports on the Administration of the Privacy Act

Reports - Proactive Publication

Access to Information requests processed by the Montreal Port Authority