Port creates direct access for potential new customers


The Port of Montreal has launched a B2B platform to make it fast and simple for potential new customers to learn about the port’s distinct advantages when it comes to moving cargo worldwide.

“We’ve specifically targeted this platform to freight forwarders and maritime companies so they can immediately find the necessary facts and contacts to do business with us,” says Yves Gilson, the port’s marketing manager. “The platform we’ve created with the Olgivy agency enables potential users to quickly and easily find out about the port and what we can specifically offer them.”

The Why Montreal platform initially asks two straightforward questions: 1) Where are you located? (Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Mediterranean or North America); and, 2) What are you shipping? (Containerized Cargo or Bulk Products).

Based on the responses, a potential user is presented with the port’s distinct advantages in terms of market reach, transit times, handling capacity, etc. “About 80 per cent of the advantages are common to all users, but  approximately 20 per cent differs according to geographic location and/or the type of cargo being transported,” Gilson says.

Yves Gilson, Chief, Marketing, Port of Montréal

The platform is progressively being linked to an electronic banner ad campaign within online journals specializing in maritime commerce. “One click on the banner takes potential user directly to our two key questions and subsequently to the relevant information,” Gilson says. “We also have online links to all of our representatives abroad, as well as our people at the port responsible for developing new business.”

Why Montreal is part of a rebranding campaign that emphasizes the port’s advantages in Trading with the World. The campaign includes a jazzier, straight-to-the-point video about the Port of Montreal. It also features a series of print ads that say a big hello to shipping lines, freight forwarders, importers and exporters in Europe, South Asia and the American Midwest. The Guten Tag to Berlin, for example, notes that the port’s highly efficient intermodal platform offers European traders access to 40 million consumers within one trucking day, and another 70 million within two days by train.

By tracking the click through traffic generated by the banner ads to the new B2B platform, as well as responses to the two key questions, the port’s administration will be able to determine where best to put its future outreach efforts.

Watch the new video