Port now has 20,000 subscribers across its social media platforms

The Port of Montreal now has more than 20,000 subscribers across all of its social media platforms combined. That’s up an impressive 11,000 subscribers from a little more than a year ago, and following the port’s decision to consolidate its presence on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.

“We use social media to communicate and interact directly with our neighbours and the general public, as well as with our clients and our partners in the port, transportation and logistics communities,” said Mélanie Nadeau, Director of Communications for the Montreal Port Authority (MPA). “In particular, our presence on social media allows us to reinforce our relationship with our neighbouring community, an aspect of our role as a responsible corporate citizen that we take very seriously. For us, the community is a stakeholder in our operations, just like our business partners.”

The port’s social media platforms provide a “behind-the-scenes” look at the Port of Montreal. Neighbours, clients and partners are able to access photos, videos, news and history about the port, as well as information on the port, shipping and logistics sectors.

The port’s Facebook page is the primary social media platform for us to connect with our community. Twitter also allows us to reach out the community in addition to clients, partners, decision-makers and the media. We use LinkedIn mainly to release information and engage in conversations with the business community. Instagram is the image of the port and shows for the most part photos of port activity past and present, while our YouTube channel has information and promotional videos as well as video of port activity.  

Most recently, the port introduced its “Port Window” platform, which tells the stories of people who are at the heart of our community. It features some of the content of this Logbook e-magazine adapted for optimal experience on mobile devices as well as new profiles and vignettes with a marine and port flavour.

Five good reasons to follow the Port of Montreal on social media:

  1. To find out how and why Montreal is a world-class port city in addition to being a major economic engine for the region.
  2. To communicate and interact with us and our virtual community.
  3. To learn more about our facilities and Montreal’s port community, which is responsible for handling most the goods and products that you use and consume on a daily basis.
  4. To enjoy privileged access to a range of visual and informative content that will make you see marine transportation on a whole new light.
  5. To learn more about the history of Montreal, because the port is a founding component of the city.

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