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BerthsOpen AreaShed areaLengthDepth Alongside(sq.m)(sq.m)(Metres)(Metres)*398,7235,2221839.4409,2325,2221869.4-10.7417,5295,46620010.74210,2185,22518710.74331,082–26610.2464,6814,92114410.246SE––16210.798(incl.)–146.610.799(incl.)–146.59.1-10.7100(incl.)–146.59.1*Berths 39, 40, 41, 42, 43 and 46 have rear rail access.*Equipment: Six loading conveyors 32/42, one railcar discharge pit, twoManitowoc M250 crawler cranes, eleven payloaders with 3- to 12-cubicyards capacity, one bulldozer, three hydraulic shovels, one LiebherrLHM250 crane, one Liebherr LHM320 crane, one Liebherr LHM600 crane.*At chart datumContrecoeur Maritime TerminalOperating company:Logistec Stevedoring Inc.1920 Marie VictorinContrecoeur, Quebec J0L 1C0Telephone: 450 587-2073Fax: 450 / pdesgagn@logistec.comContacts: Norman Desjardins, General Manager (ext. 1456);Philippe Desgagnés, Operations Manager (ext. 1552)BerthOpen AreaShed areaLengthDepth alongside(sq.m)(sq.m.)(metres)(metres)*1(Incl.)3,75022910.82(Incl.)–1756..1*Berth 1 has one Liebherr mobile harbour crane travelling on rails with acapacity of 124 tons heavy lift and 75 tons four-rope grab crane.*At chart datumBerths 36-37, 97  Lakefield St. TerminalOperating company:K+S Windsor Salt Ltd.755 St. Jean Blvd.Pointe Claire, Quebec H9R 5M9Telephone: 514 630-0900Fax: 514 694-2451E-mail: cgaudet@windsorsalt.comContact: Christian Gaudet, Stockpile ManagerBerthOpen AreaLengthDepth Alongside(sq.m)(metres)(metres)*36-37(incl.)325.1 (total)9.1974,900131.79.1*At chart datumLakefield St. Terminal has an area of 4.8 ha.PORT OF MONTREAL 2018 DIRECTORYSECTION 114311Port FacilitiesSECTION11

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