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PORT OF MONTREAL2018DIRECTORYSECTION 1135DRY BULKAs a major dry bulk centre, the Port of Montreal is a gateway for raw materials. Iron ore andvarious other minerals, deicing salt, gypsum, gravel, raw sugar and virtually all other bulkcommodities are handled at the Port’s 15 berths dedicated to dry bulk in Monreal andContrecoeur.Our rail access to the CN and CP networks gives us a leading edge in the shipment of commoditiesbetween the North American hinterland and international markets.GRAINOur high vessel loading capacity makes the Port of Montreal’s grain elevator one of the fastest andmost efficient on the Saint Lawrence River. Our year-round operations and capacity to handle unittrains keep our facility connected to international markets throughout the year.The Port of Montreal owns a facility dedicated to the containerization, storage, cleaning, siftingand packaging of agricultural products. This facility is strategically located next to the containerterminals.LIQUID BULKWith 13 berths and a network of pipelines, the Port of Montreal is a major centre for all liquid bulkproducts. Several berths are dedicated to liquid bulk products, other than petroleum products, suchas fertilizers, food and chemical products.Bulk ProductsCONTAINER TERMINALSEach of the Port of Montreal’s four International container terminals can handle two post Panamaxvessels simultaneously and are all equipped with on-dock rail networks.Bickerdike Terminal handles Domestic container traffic, mainly between Montreal and St. John’s,Newfoundland and Labrador, also transiting through this terminal are Break Bulk and RO-RO cargo.CONTAINER MARKETThe fastest ocean and rail transit times and the lowest terminal dwell time make the Port ofMontreal, the preferred gateway for U.S. Midwest and European trade.The Port of Montreal’s strategic geographic location provides importers and exporters access to 110million consumers in Canada, the U.S. Midwest and Northeast in under two days by rail or truck.With Asia, the Middle East, the Mediterranean and Latin America representing nearly 60% of ourcontainerized cargo, the port of Montreal is a leading international container port linked to over140 countries around the world. With transshipment through the Suez and Panama Canals, thePort of Montreal is a proven competitive solution connecting the North American industrialheartland to the world.Containers8 Terminal CastOperating company:Montreal Gateway Terminals PartnershipContainer FacilitiesEntrance: De BouchervillePage 389 Petroleum BerthsOperating companies:VariousPetroleum ProductsEntrances: Joseph Versailles, St-Cloud, Richard, Hinton, MarienPage 44 10 Contrecoeur Maritime TerminalOperating company:Logistec Stevedoring Inc.General Cargo and Bulk Handling FacilitiesEntrance: Marie-Victorin Blvd.Pages 41 and 4336PORT OF MONTREAL 2018 DIRECTORYSECTION 111 Bickerdike TerminalOperating company:Empire StevedoringContainer Facilities and General CargoEntrance: Pierre-Dupuy, Des Moulins, RiversidePages 39 and 402 Laurier TerminalOperating company:Logistec Stevedoring Inc.General CargoEntrance: Pie-IXPage 403 CanEst inc.Facility dedicated to the storage, cleaning,sifting, packaging and containerization ofagricultural productsEntrance: Section 43Page 424 Viau TerminalOperating company:Termont Montreal Inc.Container FacilitiesEntrance: Pie-IX Page 395 Grain Terminal (Berths 54, 56)Operated by:Viterra Inc.Bulk Handling FacilitiesEntrance: Pie-IX or ViauPage 426 Terminal RacineOperating company:Montreal Gateway Terminals PartnershipContainer FacilitiesEntrance: BossuetPage 387 Maisonneuve TerminalOperating company:Termont Montreal Inc.Container FacilitiesEntrance: Bossuet or De BouchervillePage 38Port FacilitiesPort FacilitiesSECTION11

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