Rehabilitation project of alexandra pier and iberville passenger terminal

The MPA has begun preparatory work for the rehabilitation of Alexandra Pier and Iberville Passenger Terminal. Despite major investments over the past ten years to maintain these facilities built over a century ago in the heart of Old Montreal, they are showing signs of aging and operational obsolescence that are compromising their ability to keep providing the services expected of them.

These works will make it possible to restore their core focus on welcoming cruise passengers, who are visiting Montreal in ever increasing numbers thanks to marine tourism on the St. Lawrence. In addition, these works will help integrate the terminal and the pier into the urban fabric of Old Montreal more seamlessly. The chosen concept will also meet the expectations of citizens who seek better access to their river.
This project is intended to mark the historic events of 2017: the 375th anniversary of Montreal and the 150th anniversary of Confederation.
The final project was designed after open houses were held and several meetings took place with key partners from the economic, tourism and political sectors, as well as with stakeholders committed to Montreal’s harmonious development.

Preparatory work for Alexandra Pier and Iberville Passenger Terminal began in November 2015. Meanwhile the Port of Montreal has been completing the financing structure, on which some aspects of the project depend. Its total cost is estimated at $78 million. The MPA underlines its gratitude to the Government of Quebec for announcing its contribution of $20 million, and to the City of Montreal for providing a $15 million contribution through its 2015-2017 three-year investment program.

We will take appropriate measures to prevent any inconvenience to our neighbours. Please contact us if you have any questions:

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